Our Philosophy

The Biodynamics

Biodynamics might be compared to the conductor of an orchestra.. This sets the tone, pulse, the harmony between soil, plants and humans. It works perfectly together in the same sense as nature. Biodynamics is the essence of the earth. Through its principles we have learned to adapt to the plant, soil and climate. We observe the soil and the plant for better intervention.

Thanks to the influence of the sun, moon and constellations on the 4 traditional elements water, fire, air and earth, everything is in harmony. Each of our biodynamic interventions is an encouragement; to root, leaf, flower or fruit. We supply preparations of the following origins:
Animal: compost manure and horn dung
Plant: nettle, valerian, chamomile, dandelion, oak bark, yarrow leaf
Minerals: silica
In homeopathic doses, mixed with water and activated, these preparations are sprayed on the vineyard. By vibration due to the activation, the water with which the preparations are mixed becomes infused with their qualities. We work with the lunar calendar that gives us the necessary information for the appropriate times to intervene. We also adapt certain work to the lunar calendar, such as pruning, bottling and all interventions in the wine and the harvest.


Since 1996 we cultivate the vines according to the charter of organic farming. We applied for certification in 2000. So each year our crop is Ecocert certified. We have regular checks to verify the use of treatment products, book-keeping and the condition of the vineyards.

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The Hens

We are never short of ideas, after «the biodynamic attitude «we adopt the » hens attitude». The idea of taking our livestock into the vineyards and reintroducing (on a small scale. I admit) animal «scratchers» in nature, we are investing in the acquisition of some gallinaceous stock. At the same time Eric is converting an old trailer to a split-level house for these females. Thus our hen-house crosses the village to the vines under the questioning eyes of the Monthélians. These round trips are short and our scratchers, used to Château life, spend more time searching for larvae and earthworms in the park than in the vineyards. But nothing is settled, they may soon be taking the path to the vineyard again for some holidays.