The Vines

Our aim is to respect the vine in its natural environment. We practised massale selection (visual selection of the most robust vines) on vines worked by the Domaine for several decades. We diversified clones and selected rustic rootstocks having little dominance but a good root system and all of this on healthy and well-rested land.
All our vineyards, split between Monthelie and Rully, are planted with 2 main Burgundian vines:

The black pinot

This noble grape, originating from Burgundy, is particularly suited to our climate and our soils. It thrives in deep soil. It is fragile, susceptible to mildew and powdery mildew. The quality of the wines comes through the choice of rootstocks, well adapted clones and limited yields. Pinot Noir expresses its full dimensions here in our red wines.

Le Chardonnay

This grape, also originating in Burgundy, achieves its full dimensions in the white wines of Burgundy. It is coveted worldwide; it is robust despite its vulnerability to frost. It prefers limestone soils of low fertility. It expresses its full dimensions in the terroirs of Burgundy.